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Site Of the Moment:
Open Door Baptist Church

Independent, Fundamental, King James only, Located at 130 Antioch Road, Nashville, AR 71852
Bro. Wayne Murphy Pastor

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
406 RoyalDaughters Scripture Jewelry & Church Fundraiser
NR 1 127
Scripture And Inspirational Jewelry. Easy & profitable church and Christian School online fundraiser. Hostess a virtual party, become a representative or buy wholesale for your store, website or direct sales. Many handcrafted items by and for homemakers.
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407 Christian T-Shirt Fundraiser
NR 7 125
Christian T-Shirt Fundraiser. The easiest most profitable fundraising program around. You risk nothing by participating, Zero Start Up costs! Great for Large or Small groups. Comments
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408 Only A. Guy
NR 2 124
The only a guy website gets the word of God out. Eye catching titles that lead you into articles about what the Word of God has to say.
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409 Amazing Bible Blog
10.00 17 115

Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy! End time events as we see being fulfilled before our very eyes!
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410 Pastor Appreciation Gifts
NR 3 111

Inspired shopping with hundreds of unique Pastor Appreciation and Christian Gifts, including many not available anywhere else! Huge selection of Pastor Appreciation, Church Leadership, Christian gifts, many personalized, with Scripture verses.
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411 Jonesborough Baptist Church
NR 0 100
We are an Independent Baptist Church. Use only the KJB. We Love the Lord and are trying to reach sinners for Jesus\' Name sake. Our Pastor\'s name is Bro. Randy B. Robbins. Comments
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412 Amazing Grace Indepedent Baptist
NR 6 98
We are a independent, fundamental, KJV only church located in Pigeon Forge, Tn. Comments
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413 www.blacktjp.com Games
NR 26 97

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414 Baptist1611
NR 0 94
A forum for King James Bible Believers Comments
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NR 3 93

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416 Sharpened Arrows Youth Magazine
NR 44 92
Sharpened Arrows is a quarterly publication to encourage preachers children, youth and young adults to stand for Christ in the battle for truth. It is distributed via email in a colorful, PDF format. Comments
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417 Our Baptist Heritage
NR 3 91
Our Baptist Heritage is a Web Site dedicated to educating Christians about their Baptist history. It includes videos, photos, books, sermons, articles, and more. Comments
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418 Deaf Bible Believer
NR 2 91
It is a missionary type website where we help people to grow in the Lord and provide salvation message. We also give mission report on the website. Comments
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419 Faith Saves
NR 67 90
Faith Saves is as a website dedicated to the historic Baptist faith with many resources that can be used of the Lord to bring sinners to true conversion, as well as excellent Christian material ranging from a relatively simple level up to college and semi Comments
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420 mgdavid.wordpress.com
NR 0 80
this is a word based mini site. thank you and enjoy with me. Comments
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