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Site Of the Moment:
Tabernacle Baptist Church
This site supplies a wealth of articles, information and study-aids on today’s current issues, as well as our Baptist faith and practice

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
241 Christian Casuistry
NR 6 289
This site is for discussing, debating and learning about Christianity. The management is unbiased and all faiths may speak freely, within the rules. Please enjoy the site. Comments
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242 Baptist 1611
NR 0 287
A website with forums, live chat and etc for KJV supporters. Comments
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243 Golden Nuggets from Gospel light
NR 48 281

the ultimate in church sites;audio preaching;
expository, alliterated sermons, series,
devotionals, great singing, patriotic tribute;
prayer requests, kids page &much more
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244 Northside Baptist Church
10.00 336 279

Northside Baptist Church is an old fashion, King james bible church located in Eden, North Carolina.
Radio ministry "Northside Baptist Time"
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245 Burner Christian Bookstore
NR 5 272
KJV Christian bookstore for women with Ladies Bible studies,Sunday school material,devotionals,marriage,home and family life,Bible help and KJV Bibles. Free U.S. shipping for over $40. Discount coupon code: NA55 Comments
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246 Groves Blog
NR 0 271
Thoughts and outlines from the desk of Jon Groves. Comments
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247 Thoughts Of A Proverbs 31 Wife
10.00 11 271
Written by a chronically ill Christian wife in Australia to encourage women that they can be Proverbs 31 wives in spite of their pain and illness. Comments
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248 eagles view baptist church
NR 77 270
Eagles View Baptist Church is a Old Fashioned Bible Believing, Bible Preaching, Independent, Fundamental, Mission Supporting, King James Bible Only.
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249 Heartland Baptist Church
NR 1 269
We are a Separatist Independent Baptist Church in the Panhandle of Nebraska that is focused on reaching souls with the Gospel and building strong families. COME GROW WITH US! Comments
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250 ||| Soul Winning and Warning the Lost at Public Events
NR 36 264
Evangelism at Fairs, Festivals, Flea Markets, Parades, and Training with hands-on experience, slides, videos for easy witnessing threshold Comments
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251 Jesus Christ is the Living One
NR 8 264
Biblical Research.Fire, Blood & Mystics.Secrets of the Bible.Scriptures for every life occasion.Studies.Articles.Publish your article online.Exchange links. Comments
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252 God's Word For Every Day
NR 47 260

Bible reading notes, theological articles and sermons
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253 The New Bible - Online
0.00 99 260

The New Bible is not only the coronation of the Old and New Testament. It is our Anchor of Salvation for the new era on earth.
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254 Pastor Carl D. Hall Ministries
NR 0 258
Sermon outlines, the latest Christian news, audio sermons, Bible commentary, an Israel blog, timely articles - even ask the Pastor questions about the Bible and life!
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255 Cross Faith Ministry
NR 1 257
Biblical History, Scriptural Literature, In-depth bible studies, sermons, Live Prayer, Christian poetry, FREE Graphics, Jesus Slide Show, FREE PC Bible. Comments
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