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Westphal Avenue Baptist Church
Local Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Whitehall, Ohio

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
256 The Good Reporters
NR 0 246

Teen years can be tough! challenging! perplexing! Good, solid advice is not always available. But here it is!
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257 The King James Bible Online
NR 62 240
Read the King James Bible online! Email any chapter to your friends & family with a personalized note to go with it & search the scriptures! Comments
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258 KJV Bible Studies
NR 9 238
In depth KJV Bible Sermons & Studies Comments
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259 Free Children Bible Stories
NR 1 235

Offer over 178 children bible stories based on the King James Version Bible. All bible stories have illustration and podcast.
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260 Shalom Adonai
10.00 2 231
Musica cristiana, amigos cristianos, consejeria biblica, consejeria cristiana, material cristiano, juegos cristianos, juegos biblicos, Biblia Gratis,Temas biblicos,alabanza,adoracion,angel,apocalipsis Comments
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261 The King James Bible Code
NR 60 228

The Bible Code in English in the King James Bible, on prophecy and the world today.
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262 I'm Following Jesus!
NR 17 227
Learn About Salvation Through Jesus Christ, Receive Encouragement And Inspiration Through Daily Devotions And Bible Study Lessons, Bringing Us Closer to Jesus & Understanding God's Word. Comments
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263 New Beginnings Baptist Church
NR 0 219
A church site with music, stories, news, devotionals and a defender of the KJV. Comments
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264 Welcome Grove Baptist Church
10.00 7 218

Welcome Grove Baptist Church was established in 1953. We still have old time meeting at this church. Campmeeting style preaching and southern gospel singing. We hope that you would visit our website and check us out and see what you think or if you are in
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265 The Pericope de Adultera Website
8.00 0 216
Massive Database on John 8:1-11 written and maintained by Christian believers and defending the authenticity of the Pericope de Adultera (John 7:53-8:11)
Great resources free to download!
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266 Roadmap Through Revelation
NR 9 214
Take a look at Rick Schworer's new book, Roadmap Through Revelation, and meet his family at http://revelationroadmap.blogspot.com/ Comments
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267 Jesus Christ is the Living One
NR 8 213
Biblical Research.Fire, Blood & Mystics.Secrets of the Bible.Scriptures for every life occasion.Studies.Articles.Publish your article online.Exchange links. Comments
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268 Open Door Baptist Church
NR 10 208

Independent, Fundamental, King James only, Located at 130 Antioch Road, Nashville, AR 71852
Bro. Wayne Murphy Pastor
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269 GnattyNat
NR 0 206
A cool place for Christian teens to hang out and an attempt to spread revival through the internet. Run by a independent fundamental baptist teen. Comments
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270 A Walk With The Lord
10.00 17 204

Our site was created for Jesus Christ, we have alot of great articles, forums and links from Christians, for Christians...... May God Bless You !!!!!!!!!!!
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