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Site Of the Moment:
Philadelphia Baptist Church
PBC is a Traditional, Independent, Fundamental, King James only, Soul-winning, Mission-minded, church dedicated to teaching and preaching the whole counsel of God, and equipping Christians to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
256 Fellowship Tract League
NR 0 386
Taking the Gospel to the World, one Tract at a time Comments
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257 Bible Baptist Church of Syracuse, Kansas
NR 11 384
Internet home of Bible Baptist Church, Hamilton County's only Independent, Fundamental, KJV Baptist Church. We preach the BLOOD, the BOOK and the BLESSED HOPE. Comments
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258 Cross Faith Ministry
10.00 12 383
Where Biblical History and Scriptural Literature can be read and studied by the entire family of God. Comments
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259 Burning bush Baptist Ministries
10.000 0 381
Our ministry focuses on teaching the body of Christ about the Tabernacle, and its significance and relevance to today’s teaching in the church. The tabernacle is a type of Christ. Comments
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260 Biblical Strategy
NR 12 381
Games based on The Holy Scriptures plus other High Quality items available! Comments
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261 EZ Read Bible
NR 0 380
Choose scrolling speed and font size and read Bible. Comments
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262 Brother Oscar Mink
NR 0 379
Brother Mink is the author of the Baptist Bride and A Bible study in the book Ephesians. Former pastor of the Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church Texarkana, Texas Comments
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263 Baptist Church Planting
NR 0 378
"The light that shines farthest shines brightest at home!"
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264 AnnotatedLife: The Bible
10 5 378
Your online Bible study tool and discussion forum. View popular commentaries, write your own annotations, or rate other's annotations. Annotations are displayed along with the corresponding verses all in one page. Comments
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265 Christian Products and Services!
NR 277 378

A topsites directory of Christian products and services.
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266 Bible Gateway.com
0.00 0 376
A searchable online Bible in over 35 languages and 50 versions. Comments
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267 Bible Senders
NR 45 373
A ministry of Walworth Baptist Church in Ulen, Mn We seek to provide bibles, tracts, bible studies etc to missionaries on the field. Please visit us and pray for our ministres. Comments
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268 Whit's End
NR 0 373
The official site of Adventures in Odyssey! Latest News, Games, Radio Episodes, Videos, Books, and much more! Comments
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269 Salt Light Board
NR 0 372
A Baptist Message Board.. Owned by a KJV, IFB Baptist...

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270 Real Fusion
NR 0 370
A daily video podcast focusing on What's Real Today. Comments
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