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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
166 Live God Network
NR 47 470

Free KJV Audio Bible Study, Christian Music Mp3, Poems, Lyrics, Pictures, Ecards Greetings, Art, Ministries, Churches, Education, Friendship, Love, Dating
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167 King James Bible
NR 12 470
King James Bible discussion forum. For those who only use the King James Bible. Comments
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168 Time of Hope
NR 3 470

Christian company Time of Hope, Projects and Objectives for evangelism. Communicating the Word of God to every person. Welcome.
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169 Romans Road End Time Ministries
NR 0 469
Romans Road Ministries is a website to show the positive side of life, God. He is the most positive thing that I know and I hope to reflect that to all who visits the site. God changes things. Comments
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170 In Purity Ministry
NR 145 468

A Purity Ministry Offering Free, Confidential, Bible-based Help to Baptist Men and Women Who are Struggling with Pornography and/or Sexual Sin
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NR 0 468
Southern Gospel Music 24 hours a Day 7 Days a Week! Comments
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172 Hot Pursuit
NR 12 466

I lived a life of violence, crime, & drugs. A fugitive for 10 years running from a 25 to 40 year prison sentence. Read what happened when I was given a New Testament by the Gideons. An amazing true story.
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173 Bible Watchman
NR 0 466
Blowing the trumpet of warning in these end days. Tracts, sermons, and God's News Behind the News. Comments
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174 EarnestlyContending.com
NR 0 464
Studies/sermons, poetry, stories, free computer backgrounds, IFB ladies message board and more! Includes several websites: People's Baptist Church's; Home of the Real McCoy, Looking Unto Jesus Backgrounds and Prints, among others. Comments
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175 Keepsake Bouquets
NR 0 464
Homeschool Home Business Stay at Home Moms Comments
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176 Book Ministry
NR 626 463
Books by Dr. Roger A. Milot, pastor of Harvest Baptist Church, Hudson, Florida Comments
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177 Spirit of Truth Ministries
2.00 24 462
Reaching out with the Love of Jesus to one and all. Thank you for visiting and I pray that you will visit again. I have updated the site and I try to update reguarly.I pray that you will be strengthen in your daily walk with Christ. If you do not know him Comments
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178 The Country Baptist Church
NR 0 462
The Country Baptist Church is a Independent, Sovereign Grace, Landmark, Baptist Church. Located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. We pride ourselves in our stance in God's Holy Script. We teach and study only The King James Bible. Comments
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179 Bible Version Comparison
NR 0 461
Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar. Proverbs 30:6 Comments
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180 BibleAnswers.US
NR 0 459
Bible Answers for the sincere in heart and an open Forum. Comments
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