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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
226 yahoo
NR 0 320
a god fearing one and open to all christian Comments
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227 War of the Angels
NR 18 320
Supernatural testimonies from around the world that confirm the Rapture is near. Book of the same name is being made into a feature movie. Comments
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228 Pleasant Beach Baptist Church
NR 10 320
We are a fundamental, independent, KJV only, Baptist Church. Comments
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229 The Devil's plan
9.50 1 317
This is a blog where one can read What the Devil's plan is and What God's plan is. It is then up to the reader to leave a comment and decide on there future, to accept eternal life or death. Comments
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230 Sunday School Printables.com
NR 19 317

Free lesson plan resources for preschool, kindergarten and Sunday School teachers; Christian coloring sheets, printable stickers, sticker charts, award certificates and more!
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231 Lifting Up JESUS Ministries
NR 197 316

We have good audio and video bible preaching with Evangelist Jeremiah Dixon along with sermon outlines and links to other good bible believing sites. Please visit us and sign our guest book to let us know you visited. God bless you.
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232 Bethel Baptist Church - Vicenza, Italy
NR 33 313
Bethel Baptist Church is a local independent Church reaching the US Military and Civilians with the gospel in Vicenza, Italy Comments
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233 Gospel Author Jill St. James
NR 0 309

God's Love is an inspiring novel about love & forgiveness. Journey through the amazing trials & triumphs of Gospel singer, Jordan Alexander, as she embraces her First Love. Get your copy today!
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234 Young Fundamentalists
NR 29 307
This is a site for Independent Fundamental Baptist young people. It contains devotionals, great sermons, and funny yet appropriate media. Comments
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235 Noah's Ark Traveling Animal Workshop
NR 12 294
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236 Bilewalks
10.00 0 292

Holy Land sites review: photos, info, refs, maps to Biblical sites in the Galilee and the Holy Land. Your virtual gateway to the Holy Land!
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237 Christian Casuistry
NR 6 288
This site is for discussing, debating and learning about Christianity. The management is unbiased and all faiths may speak freely, within the rules. Please enjoy the site. Comments
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238 Free Printable Greeting Cards
NR 5 287
Free printable cards, birthday cards, greeting cards, invitations, matching envelopes. Print blank cards or use the card-makers to personalize your cards! Comments
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239 Dr. Johnson.org
NR 8 287
Free Christian Resources Comments
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240 David and Goliath Ministries
NR 7 287

This is a totally Local New Testament Baptist site. We expose the belief in evolution the heresy of the universal invisible church, Catholicism and her illegitimate children
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