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Salt Light Board
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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
46 AV1611 productions - Christian pc games
10.00 18 767

free KJB-themed computer games
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47 Battlefield Baptist Church
10.00 27 761
Independent, KJV Only, Fundamental, Free MP3s Comments
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48 Faithful Word Baptist Church
10.00 312 758

A brand new King James Bible-only, soul-winning, independent, fundamental Baptist church in Phoenix, Arizona. Audio sermons, controversial essays, and much more!
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49 Mountain View Baptist Church
NR 0 752
We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing (KJV) Baptist Church located just west of Hagerstown, Maryland, on Walnut Point Road. Comments
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50 Bearing Precious Seed
8.00 0 752
Since 1973, this local church ministry has printed and distributed more than 45 million Bibles and Scripture portions in 42 languages. Bearing Precious Seed's mission has always been to: Provide the Word of God ... at no profit ... to a world in desperate Comments
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51 Faith Baptist Church
1.000 0 735
Faith Baptist Church is a church that cares about people...people like you. We offer a friendly atmosphere, warm-hearted preaching, Bible-centered teaching, and a clear Gospel message. Comments
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52 Top 100 Bible Study sites
10.00 260 735
Find your favorite place to Study the Word of God. Explore and Learn. Discover the Truth. Feel the warmth of the Holy Spirit and Embrace Eternity with the Love of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Comments
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53 The Dean Burgon Society
NR 0 725
View and listen to Live Streaming Video from the Dean Burgon Society Comments
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54 The Bible Library
NR 65 703
Read the Bible with supporting commentary, maps, images, outlines, audio & video. Comments
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55 Faith Bible Baptist Church - Contending For The Faith
NR 0 701
Over 350 articles, booklets & full books.
Over 575 audio sermons. All Free!

New material added often...
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56 Church of the Open Door
NR 0 698
The practical teaching and powerful preaching of Church of the Open Door will strengthen your life and equip you for the challenges facing Christians in today's world. Comments
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57 Evangelismo Mundial
NR 0 683
Missionary Greg Anderson's Spanish Web Site Comments
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58 Victory Baptist Church
NR 0 681
Bible music, Bible issues, Contemporary issues, Bible preaching, Links Comments
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59 100% FREE Christian resources
NR 237 679
FREE Bible Software, MP3 Bibles, Daily devotionals, Biblestudy Tools,
Online Movies and many other links that help you grow into a deeper
relationship with Jesus Christ!
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60 The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church
NR 0 675
The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church is a Independent, Sovereign Grace, Landmark, Baptist Church. Located in Texarkana, Texas. We pride ourselves in our stance in God's Holy Script. We teach and study only The King James Bible. Comments
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