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Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
46 Emanuel Swedenborg
10.00 726 831

Emanuel Swedenborg, natural scientist and christian visionaer. "Swedenborg's world is immense comprehensive. He had give answers to all of my questions, no matter how hard they had pressed me. Restless soul, tormented heart, take and read!" A. Strindberg
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47 Baptist Board.com
NR 0 827
Baptist Discussion Forums More than 10,000 members and growing daily! Comments
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48 Bible Baptist Ministries
NR 0 826
I'm a King James Bible believing, Jesus Christ exaltin', Devil hatin', sinner lovin', sin hatin', fundamental, separated, pretribulational, premillennial, gun totin', chicken eatin', Independent Baptist preacher. Comments
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49 Mt. Hope Baptist Church
NR 0 803

Mt. Hope Baptist Church is an independent, fundamental, King James AV1611 Bible believing, Baptist Church. Please visit our website and visit our church for teaching and preaching of God's Word!
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50 Faith for the Family
NR 0 788
A Website for the Christian Family Comments
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51 Serve The Lord Top 100!
NR 96 775

Great list of top Christian websites, awesome Christian music while you browse sites to visit. Something for everyone!
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52 Way of Life Literature
8.00 0 764
A fundamental, independent baptist literature publishing ministry. Bro. David Cloud has written and published many valuable books, booklets, courses and videos defending the faith and the Bible against the apostasy of our time. Comments
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53 Gulf Coast Bible College
NR 0 763
GCBI is a local church ministry providing high-quality, low-cost, Bible degrees through a proven distance learning program.
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54 AV1611 productions - Christian pc games
10.00 16 759

free KJB-themed computer games
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55 Battlefield Baptist Church
10.00 27 755
Independent, KJV Only, Fundamental, Free MP3s Comments
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56 Faithful Word Baptist Church
10.00 286 751

A brand new King James Bible-only, soul-winning, independent, fundamental Baptist church in Phoenix, Arizona. Audio sermons, controversial essays, and much more!
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57 Mountain View Baptist Church
NR 0 741
We are an Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing (KJV) Baptist Church located just west of Hagerstown, Maryland, on Walnut Point Road. Comments
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58 Bearing Precious Seed
8.00 0 739
Since 1973, this local church ministry has printed and distributed more than 45 million Bibles and Scripture portions in 42 languages. Bearing Precious Seed's mission has always been to: Provide the Word of God ... at no profit ... to a world in desperate Comments
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59 Bethlehem Baptist Church
2.000 0 736
Old fashioned Fundamental, independent, Baptist Church in Morganton, North Carolina Pastor - Brandon J. Marshall Comments
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60 Faith Baptist Church
1.000 0 729
Faith Baptist Church is a church that cares about people...people like you. We offer a friendly atmosphere, warm-hearted preaching, Bible-centered teaching, and a clear Gospel message. Comments
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