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Site Of the Moment:
The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church
The Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church is a Independent, Sovereign Grace, Landmark, Baptist Church. Located in Texarkana, Texas. We pride ourselves in our stance in God's Holy Script. We teach and study only The King James Bible.

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
271 Free Bible Study
NR 0 353
Free Bible Study. Offers Free Bible Study from Genesis through Revelation. Offers free Bible lessons, courses, and glossary and quiz. Comments
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272 Cornerstone Indepenent Baptist Church
NR 17 352

Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church is King James Bible (KJV) Believing, Dispensational and Homeschool Friendly. We are located in North Laurel, Maryland.
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273 Biblical Mail
10.00 11 351
Sign up to receive free daily emails of the Bible in consecutive order. Read the whole Bible in as little as one year in small daily increments! Comments
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274 Team Paraguay
NR 2 348
Team Paraguay - Taking the Gospel to the "heart" of South America. Planting independent, fundamental Baptist churches in Paraguay. Comments
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275 Stickers and Charts.com
NR 34 347

1000s of FREE printable STICKERS and STICKER CHARTS. Encourage better class participation, homework success, test performance, classroom chores or anything else you can think of. Many themes and styles to choose from including holiday stickers.
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276 country flowers blog
NR 0 346
this has a little of everything on it. Comments
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277 Join Top sites
NR 0 343
Many top sites to add your site to! Comments
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278 Jesus Is The King of Kings Discussion Forums
NR 13 341

A Independent Fundamental Baptist site. Our mission is to provide a place for like-minded believers to fellowship and exalt the name of Jesus Christ. We are a King James Version Only site
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279 Gospel Louvor
NR 3 337

Blog criado para divulgaçao de cantores levando para todos o melhor da musica gospel
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280 Landmark Baptist Church
NR 12 337
Landmark Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental, Christ Honoring, Soul Winning, King James Always Baptist Church! Comments
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281 The Apocalypse - 2012 - New Time | God - is Time
NR 50 333

Apocalypse. Deciphering the Book of Revelation St.John. Number 666. Unknown 17 years of a life of Jesus Christ. Calendar of Time prior to beginning the Golden Age. 2012 Apocalypse Theory, etc
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282 The Friendly Fundamental Forums - a friendly, lightly moderated forum, IFB
10.00 16 331

Welcome to the friendly and fundamental fellowship forums! New features, chatbox, contests, quizzes, game arcade, daily devotionals, and much more. Try us!
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283 Columbiaville Baptist Church
NR 0 330
We are a church that exists to reach the lost, minister to the saved, and glorify God. Although times are changing God's plan or method does not change. Comments
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284 Pine Ridge Baptist Church
NR 51 330
Fundamental KJB Church, Mp3 Sermon Audio, Church Info. Comments
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285 Philadelphia Baptist Church
NR 71 330
PBC is a Traditional, Independent, Fundamental, King James only, Soul-winning, Mission-minded, church dedicated to teaching and preaching the whole counsel of God, and equipping Christians to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Comments
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