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Site Of the Moment:
Keeper Sisters
An online forum for keepers at home. All is done in the spirit of Titus 2. Come and join and share with us. We are a KJB, IFB site.

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
181 Bible Baptist Churches of Ballincollig and Mallow, Ireland
NR 0 461
Our mission is to direct people to a full faith in Jesus Christ alone, according to the Bible alone, so that they can experience life that is never alone! Comments
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182 BibleAnswers.US
NR 0 459
Bible Answers for the sincere in heart and an open Forum. Comments
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183 Jonah
NR 0 458
To help you gain a more thorough understanding of the prophet Jonah, his language, country, and much more. Comments
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184 Baux Mountain Baptist Church
10.000 0 453
A Church that still believes in preaching The Book, The Blood and the Blessed Hope. Comments
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185 Dial-the-Truth Ministries
10.00 0 452
We provide informational tracts on the King James Bible, exposes of corrupt Bible versions, false teachings, Christian music, rock music, youth issues, prophecy and current events. Much of our material is also available in printed tracts and booklets. Comments
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186 Tabernacle Baptist Church
9.000 0 450
This site supplies a wealth of articles, information and study-aids on today’s current issues, as well as our Baptist faith and practice
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187 Teens4Christ
NR 0 449
A simple site for christian teens. It is new, a little bit into construction but it's almost done. And hopefully people will give me ideas for more on it. Comments
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188 Gem Ministry
NR 0 443
At GEM ministry we share our writings with all who desire to read them. Our writings started in 1977 and continue today. You will find Gospel, Christian, inspirational, poems, Psalms, Proverbs, prayers and praises for all ages.

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189 The Radical Pilgrim
NR 0 442
... revealing what has been revealed!! Comments
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190 King James Bible Broadcast
NR 0 440
Christian Radio the Way it Should Be! Comments
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191 Aletheia Baptist Ministries
NR 0 440
Aletheia Baptist Ministries is a writing and teaching ministry which continues to encourage and edify fundamental Baptists everywhere in their important and biblical place in history.
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192 Grace For All Publications
NR 3 439
Grace For All Publications publishes conservative Christian print music for churches and Christian schools. Specializing in mission conference theme songs arranged for choir. Comments
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193 James W. Knox
10.00 0 438
James W. Knox - The Preaching of The Cross Comments
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194 History of the Bible
NR 14 437
This site is for exploring the history and development of The Bible. Join our forum to learn about or discuss ancient biblical beginnings. Comments
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195 Spread The Word Ministries
NR 5 436
Spread The Word Ministries are networking around the Africa accepting used KJV Bibles, Books and other Christian materials, even damaged and parts of old Bibles, we repair them and give it to those in need. Many souls are dying and hungry for the word of Comments
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