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Site Of the Moment:
Thoughts Of A Proverbs 31 Wife
Written by a chronically ill Christian wife in Australia to encourage women that they can be Proverbs 31 wives in spite of their pain and illness.

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
181 The Snyders in New Zealand
NR 7 406

We are Independent, Fundamental, Bible (KJB) believing Baptist missionaries in New Zealand. We are sent by our home church, Old Paths Bible Baptist Church of Clarendon, NY and are aided in the work by Word for the World Baptist Ministries of Rossville,
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182 Adam's Web
NR 0 406
A home page providing fresh Christian content, freeware links, veteran's links, a tribute to my sister, clean humor, and a testimony on living with Anxiety and BPD.
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183 Whitedove Radio
NR 0 402

Reaching the world with the Gospel through Music with The Message and Inspiring Sermons. Online Internet Radio 24/7. We are different!
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184 preaching the KJV 1611
NR 142 402

This is a link site where you can find others KJV 1611 websites.
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185 Cross of Christ Top 100
NR 1 401
Cross of Christ Top 100 list. A list of Christian Top Sites. Join now and get your site ranked on our Top 100! Top rankings receive awards. Comments
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186 Bethel Baptist Church
2.00 7 395

We are an old-fashioned church that still sings hymns; we preach and teach out of the 1611 King James Version of the Holy Bible, give altar invitations and support missionaries around the world.
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187 In HIS eService
NR 74 394
Upon HIS leaving, the LORD gave us a "Great Commission" to reach the world's lost with the Gospel. Time is quickly passing away. We must get busy about the LORD's work. Comments
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188 Prophecy Ministries
NR 7 394
Our community welcome anyone interested in the Holy Bible, we welcome our fellow christians from all around the world and any of our Lord God's children.
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189 For the Word of God
0.00 1 391
A King James only site promoting King James defense and old and new covenant studies, methods of studying, false church practices, calvinism opposition, and other topics. Comments
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190 Fellowship Tract League
NR 0 389
Taking the Gospel to the World, one Tract at a time Comments
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191 The Lighthouse Baptist Board
1.000 0 389
Online forum for independent fundamental Baptists Comments
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192 Cross Faith Ministry
10.00 12 387
Where Biblical History and Scriptural Literature can be read and studied by the entire family of God. Comments
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193 Biblical Strategy
NR 12 385
Games based on The Holy Scriptures plus other High Quality items available! Comments
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194 Brother Oscar Mink
NR 0 382
Brother Mink is the author of the Baptist Bride and A Bible study in the book Ephesians. Former pastor of the Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church Texarkana, Texas Comments
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195 EZ Read Bible
NR 0 381
Choose scrolling speed and font size and read Bible. Comments
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