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Battlefield Baptist Church
Independent, KJV Only, Fundamental, Free MP3s

Rank Title and Description Rating In Out
286 Pine Ridge Baptist Church
NR 51 330
Fundamental KJB Church, Mp3 Sermon Audio, Church Info. Comments
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287 The Baptist Muse
NR 10 328

The Baptist Muse is a website dedicated to thinking Baptists. Here you will find a vast reservoir of information and downloads ranging from Baptist History to Creation Science, from sermons to Christian wallpapers.On the pages of this website, you will fi
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288 Heaven Sent Ministry
NR 1 328
Non-profit community christian fellowship with the desire to help those in need and to assist in the spiritual growth of mind. body, soul and spirit. We assist with food, clothes, household items. Visit the sick and the elderly shut-ins. We sing , pray wi Comments
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289 Dv8 Teens
10.00 2 326

BBC's Teen Site: Find Teen Blogs, Q&A about KJV, MySpace, Rock, Tithing, Biblical Separation, Prophecy, etc.; TV, movie and video game reviews; Cartoons; Skits, Listen to Music, Devotions, Quizzes, Great Christian Biographies.
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290 The Good Report - Spanish
NR 0 325
Incluso esos hombres que trajeron para arriba el informe malvado sobre la tierra, muertos por la plaga antes del SEÑOR. Pero Joshua el hijo de la monja, y Caleb el hijo de Jephunneh, que estaban de los hombres que fueron a buscar la tierra, todavía vivier Comments
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291 Faith Ind.Baptist church
NR 0 325
We are an old fashion bible preaching church located in the eastern Ky. mountains that is concerned for the lost here and abroad. Comments
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292 King James Bible Believers
NR 1 324
AV-1611.com is a King James Bible Believers site.
If God is able to Inspire Salvation from the days of old, and preserve a blood line through which Jesus Christ would be born into a body of flesh, why would anyone be so close minded to believe He cant do
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293 Grace Baptist Church
NR 5 324
Independent, Fundamental, King James, A true Baptist Church teaching True Baptist Theology Comments
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294 Start Reading the Bible
10.00 97 322

Searchable online King James Bible with Bible reading plans, free Christian resources, special section dedicated to the Book of James, and more. Everything you need to effortlessly read the Bible. No more excuses.
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295 Missionaries in Romania-Henold Family
NR 33 321
Come in and see the work we do with the children and widows of Romania. Comments
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296 sebocom
NR 0 320
av1611 believing brethren of Korea, sebocom(bringing up & sending community) Comments
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297 War of the Angels
NR 18 320
Supernatural testimonies from around the world that confirm the Rapture is near. Book of the same name is being made into a feature movie. Comments
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298 yahoo
NR 0 319
a god fearing one and open to all christian Comments
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299 Pleasant Beach Baptist Church
NR 10 318
We are a fundamental, independent, KJV only, Baptist Church. Comments
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300 The Devil's plan
9.50 1 316
This is a blog where one can read What the Devil's plan is and What God's plan is. It is then up to the reader to leave a comment and decide on there future, to accept eternal life or death. Comments
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